The Atlanta 40k Series is Atlanta's premier Warhammer 40,000 tournament series. The next event will take place on February 11th! Call Giga-Bites Cafe to register.

Atlanta 40k Series

Started in 2012, the Atlanta 40k Series has been the premier rogue trader tournament series in Georgia. For 5 years, the General Staff has delivered their unique brand of 40k, for the fun and competitive challenge of anyone willing to test their mettle.

The Series takes place at GigaBites Cafe, and usually kicks off at 9 am.

The Series is partnered with the Independent Tournament Circuit and Frontline Gaming. All Series events submit their scores to the ITC.

Schedule of Events

2018 Season

Round 1 - 2/11/18

2017 Season

Round 4 - 10/14/17
Round 3 - 8/26/17
Round 2 - 4/1/17
Round 1 - 2/18/17

2016 Season

Round 4 - 9/10/16
Round 3 - 7/10/16
Round 2 - 4/23/16
Round 1 - 2/28/16

2015 Season

Round 5 - 10/24/15
Round 4 - 9/12/15
Round 3 - 6/14/15
Round 2 - 4/26/15
Round 1 - 3/21/15

Current Standings


Army Construction Rules
Army Construction

All of the directions to assemble your army for the Atlanta 40k Series can be found here.

Rules of Engagement
Rules of Engagement

The Rules of Engagement, The General Staff's FAQ, will be in effect at the Atlanta 40k Series. Click here to read about what changes and clarifications have been made.

2018 Season Round 1 Missions
Season 5 Round 1 Missions

The missions played at the 1st round of the Atlanta 40k Series of the 2018 can be found here.

Appearance Rubric
Appearance Rubric

The appearance rubric found here will be used for paint judging and potential entry into the Armies on Parade competition.